Review of Aldo Nova by Aldo Nova

Dust it off!   
We all have songs that no matter how old they are and how often we have heard them, we just have to crank them up.  How about “Fantasy” by Aldo Nova?  The sound of helicopters and a thunderous guitar riff are a great way to start the album off!  It’s not hard to [...]

Review of Megadeth Endgame

Went out yesterday and got a copy of Megadeth’s newest release, Endgame.  If you are a true metal fan and a fan of the guitar, this is the album for you.  In true Megadeth fashion, “Endgame” begins with the most blistering instrumental I’ve heard in a while. “Dialectic Chaos” definitely sets the tone for the rest [...]

Review of Metal Health by Quiet Riot

Dust it off ! As many of you know, I love the 80’s especially my hair bands. One in particular that I had the pleasure of seeing on two occasions back in the day was Quiet Riot. Who could forget their multi-million selling first album “Metal Health” which gave them a number [...]

Review of Queensryche – American Soldier

Anyone who is a true fan of Queensryche is familiar with the concept albums “Operation Mindcrime I & II“. While the story is fictious, the story is very compelling. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Queensryche has raised the ante. “American Soldier” is the latest concept album from Queensryche [...]

Review of Judas Priest “Live” Album

I would like to start off by saying I am not a fan of live albums.  Usually these albums have poor sound quality that takes away from the listening experience for me.  It was this Judas Priest album though that I decided to “dust off” this month for the simple reason that they are headlining [...]

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