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Brian’s review of ToolUndertow

I remember like it was yesterday.  I was watching MTV videos and the video for the Tool song “Sober” came on.  It contained claymation figures and some disturbing images.  I was hooked and had to purchase it.  The album is called Undertow.

As a second album I would have to say it was well made, but not their best album.  In my opinion, most bands make a breakout album; this band gets better as each album comes out. 

The songs on this album are simple and direct.  Dark and grungy feeling come to mind for me.  It took me a few listens before my appreciation started to mature. The album will intimidate you with its disturbing and thought provoking lyrics but don’t give up on it at first listen.  Thanks to MTV and their videos I grew to love the song “Sober” with its infectious bass groove and steely guitar riff that doesn’t seem to end!
Prison Sex” is my next favorite piece which has even more of a grunge sound with an interesting twist.  Yes we all loved the bands with their big hair and big guitar solos but sorry this album doesn’t have it.  It does have awesome bass guitar riffs like on the songs “Intolerance” and “Bottom” which seem to fit the entire atmosphere of the album. 

When you integrate the unique style with which Adam Jones plays the guitar and Maynard’s disturbing and eye opening lyrics, “Undertow” makes you want to sit in a room all by yourself and your CD player and try to search out the meaning of every song.  If that wasn’t enough, song 10 “Disgustipated” starts on track 10 and ends up on 69.  Track 10 – 68 are blank and then it gets weird.  We have some tribal music with some animal sound effects and some spoken disturbing lyrics.  Speaking of disturbing, check out the inside cover of the album….nuff said. 

This album is very complex and may take a few listens.  Angry and emotional come to mind also.  Blow the dust off your old copy and reopen your mind, you just might have a new appreciation for it!  If you don’t have the album or haven’t heard of Tool and want something different you’ve come to the right place.

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