2008 ROCKSTAR Mayhem Festival – Lineup, Dates and Tickets

The ROCKSTAR Energy Drink sponsored Mayhem Festival has a very heavy metal lineup this year. The festival is a traveling show and it features three stages with 13 bands. If you like heavy metal, check out this line up!!!

Mayhem Stage

Jagermeister Stage
Machine Head
Five Finger Death Punch
Walls of Jericho

Hot Topic Stage
Black Tide
Suicide Silence
36 Crazy Fists
The Red Chord

This tour starts on July 9 in Auburn, WA and wraps up on August 19 in Darien Center, NY. Are you ready for 9 hours of music from some of the best aggressive hard rock bands? Here are the dates and links for tickets:

7/09/08 – Auburn, WA – Tickets
7/11/08 – Wheatland, CA – Tickets Update: This show has been rescheduled for 7/14/08 because air quality has been affected due to wild fires in the area. Conditions are expected to improve over the weekend. Tickets for the 7/11 show will be honored and the show will start at 1:30 PM. Refunds are available at original point of purchase.
7/12/08 – Mountain View, CA – Tickets
7/13/08 – Devore, CA – Tickets
7/15/08 – Fresno, CA – Tickets
7/16/08 – Chula Vista, CA – Tickets
7/18/08 – Phoenix, AZ – Tickets
7/19/08 – Albuquerque, NM – Tickets
7/20/08 – Englewood, CO – Tickets
7/22/08 – Bonner Springs, KS – Tickets
7/23/08 – Maryland Heights, MO – Tickets
7/25/08 – Dallas, TX – Tickets
7/26/08 – Selma, TX – Tickets
7/29/08 – Tampa, FL – Tickets
7/30/08 – West Palm Beach, FL – Tickets
8/01/08 – Virginia Beach, VA – Tickets
8/02/08 – Pittsburgh, PA – Tickets
8/03/08 – Scranton, PA – Tickets
8/05/08 – Mansfield, MA – Tickets
8/06/08 – Uniondale, NY – Tickets
8/08/08 – Toronto, ON – Tickets
8/09/08 – Clarkston, MI – Tickets
8/10/08 – Tinley Park, IL – Tickets
8/12/08 – Atlanta, GA – Tickets
8/13/08 – Noblesville, IN – Tickets
8/15/08 – Camden, NJ – Tickets
8/16/08 – Hartford, CT – Tickets
8/17/08 – Bristow, VA – Tickets
8/19/08 – Darien Center, NY – Tickets

I’ve heard rumors that Slipknot will be wearing new masks on this tour. There is even a photo on their website that could be a glimpse of the new masks. MTV interviewed the drummer Shawn Crahan back on May 30 and he did not reveal a release date for the new album or mention anything about new masks, but he does talk about the new album and the fact that the band has grown up. We’re going to try and catch this show in St. Louis when we get back from Rock Fest. If you go to one of the earlier dates please post us some comments and let us know how it was.

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9 Responses to “2008 ROCKSTAR Mayhem Festival – Lineup, Dates and Tickets”
  1. Yeahbuds1 says:

    About how long will disturbed and slipknot performances be??

  2. Britne says:

    I don’t know for sure but at most of the festivals I’ve been to, the headliners perform approximately 90 minutes. I saw Disturbed at OzzFest 2 years ago and they did play that long. They rocked too!!!!

  3. Slipknot was the best I threw out my voice singing along to them it was my first time to see them so I’m real happy about that. I went body surfing alot to Suicide Silence, and Walls of Jericho that was such a blast I wore a black Corey Iowa mask.

  4. Britne says:


    Body surfing looks like so much fun but I’m too chicken to try it. I saw a person get dropped once. Were the new masks cool? Thanks for sharing your Mayhem Festival experience with us.

    • Yeah the new masks were great I loved how Sid’s mask was so futuristic.. the eyebrows moved and it looked sort of like an alien mask.. and yet his uniform made him look like a Gi Joe hahaha. I saw alot of maggots with their own All Hope Is Gone masks.. But you should defently try body surfing if it’s in a large crowd that’s when I only do it just ask someone to do it and they’ll stick out their hands for your feet. I wasen’t dropped I almost lost my shorts, I had to pull them up but I did lose a shoe for about an hour when I did body surf I later found it behind the gate in front of the stage though it was fun to walk around with one shoe haha.

  5. Britne says:

    I bet those masks are hot on stage. I wonder if there will be any body surfing going on at the Metallica concert I’m going to? If so, maybe I’ll give it a try.

  6. I’ll be seeing Metallica in January in Milwaukee Wi where are you going to see them if I can ask ya?

    • Britne says:

      We’re going to see them in St. Louis in November. I can’t wait!! I’ve never seen them but my husband has seen them 8 times and he says I’m going to love it.

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